Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis is performed either before a B-BBEE verification takes place or after the verification has taken place. The Gap Analysis results are in a report form and not a certificate.  To issue the report, the company must provide all the date that it would as if it was being verified. Analysis will be conducted, and the report will indicate what the scorecard results if a B-BBEE verification take place and all evidence was verified. In essence, the numbers will reflect what has been submitted. The Gap Analysis report will be for company’s internal management whose role is to be responsible for B-BBEE transformation. 

The report will show where the Gaps are compared to what is required in the B-BBEE ACOGP or Sector Charter Codes. It’s important to note that we are not able to indicate to the company how they can better or change their scoring as this is a conflict of interest for us based on the SANAS R47-03. Once the company is ready for a B-BBEE verification to be performed they will then come to us to verify their data and evidence which will result in a B-BBEE certificate and report.