Service Offering

Our B-BBEE Service Offerings Are Based On The Verification Manual, The SANAS R47-03, The B-BBEE Amended Codes Of Good Practice, And Where Applicable, The Gazetted Sector Charters.

Gap Analyses

Are you on the right track? Let us perform a “Dipstick” test for you which is a baseline and gap analysis. This enables you to make informed decisions which make business sense.


Ownership Reviews & Opinions

Ownership structures are complex and expensive. Let us review your structure prior to finalising your deal. Our input reduces your risk exposure and could increase the probability of success.

In Accordance With The SANAS R47, The Certificate Numbers Listed Below
Have Been Re-Issued By Premier Verification:

Certificate Number                   Certificate Version Number

PV_2210013                                2

PV_2210014                                2

PV_2210005                               3

PV_2303013                               3

PV_2307007                               2

PV_2310011                               2

PV_2304005                              2

PV_2306007                              3

PV_2309006                              2

PV_2308002                              2

PV_2308001                              2

PV_2311004                             2

PV_2307002                            4