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We, at Premier Verification, have built our reputation through innovation, open engagement, transparency and customer service. Our client listing and renewal rate is testament to this. We try keep the same point of contact between ourselves and you, this ensures that responses to queries are given expediently and the frustration associated with call centers are negated.

As part of our ongoing innovation program, we developed the Kearnel software which incorporates our verification software into Microsoft Dynamics as a CRM platform and SharePoint as a document management system.

The Kearnel verification software is available to our clients to record, store and monitor their transformation performance against all Gazetted Sector Codes as well as assess the impact of the Revised Codes of Good Practice.  The platform addresses many of the monitoring and reporting requirements including Training Trackers, Job Creation and Local Content.

Premier has piloted verification and reporting in the economic development area, specifically in the renewable energy industry. This economic development reporting places us in a unique position to assist our clients in addressing their Empowering Supplier status as well as that of their suppliers.

Kearnel allows you to track the status of your verification, populate supporting schedules and upload verification data directly into our verification program. All documents and supporting records are tracked and versioned, ensuring a full audit trail.

Companies have the ability to create multiple companies or divisions and consolidate all or selected information from various divisions in consolidated scorecards.

The platform incorporates a BBBEE certificate database integration for our clients. This database uses companies’ VAT numbers as the unique identifier and contains over 12000 BBBEE certificates.

The Kearnel platform allows for the creation of permanent records which leads to paperless verification ultimately improves the overall efficiency of verification.

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