Appeals & Complaints

If you have any appeals or complaints about the final certificate and report and/or the service you have received, please download complete the form below and send it to

Appeals & Complaints Procedures

  1. The Complaints Lodgement Form can be found on the PV Website:
  2. Anyone making a complaint is directed to complete the form and submit to the Internal Auditor.
  3. The Internal Auditor (IA) acknowledges receipt of complaint via email in writing within 5 business days.
  4. Informal complaints received in the course of normal verification activities (depending on the nature) are assessed by the HRM (HR Manager) or IA.
  5. The IA then takes the complaint to the MD to review and if it relates to verification activities performed by PV, the IA convenes a Complaints committee and advises the complainant of the investigation. The client list is reviewed to establish this.
  6. If the complaint is about the verified ME, the IA advises the verified ME in question in writing. The query is addressed to the ME’s BBBEE Champion or management via email.
  7. The committee is convened within 2 weeks from receipt of initial complaint.
    • The ‘Terms of Reference’ of the committee is as follows:
      • To resolve the appeal /complaint within 30 days of receipt of receipt.
      • To fully investigate the cause of the appeal / complaint
      • To perform a root cause analysis and Corrective Action if required.
      • To document the decisions reached.
      • To ensure the investigation is conducted impartially.
      • Review contents of complaint / appeals form
      • Establish time frames to complete report
      • Establish frequency of meetings (within 48 hr of convening and thereafter weekly)
      • Ensure the internal documents, impartiality, Confidentialty are signed.
      • Review of files and information used in the compilation of the ME’s score.
      • Compilation of reports based on finding of committee
  8. The complainant is advised in writing of the end outcome within 5 business days of the decision reached by the Committee.
  9. If the ME is not satisfied with the outcome, the MD advises the ME to contact the DTI.
  10. All supporting evidence is documented and minuted from the committee findings by the IA within 5 business days. Complaints are filed in the “Complaints & Appeals file” (a file containing a record of every complaint lodged with PV)

MS 037 Appeal  Lodgement Form Icon MS 037 Appeal Lodgement Form
MS 097 Complaint Lodgement Form Icon MS 097 Complaint Lodgement Form


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