16 May 2022
DTIC B-BBEE Scorecard Thresholds
The DTIC Has Specific Thresholds To Determine If A Company Will Be Verified As An EME, QSE Or Generic Enterprise. This Is Measured By The Annual Revenue Of The Company.
Revenue Is Less Than R10 Million = EME Scorecard (Affidavit)
Revenue Is Between R10 Million And R50 Million = QSE Scorecard
Revenue Exceeds R50 Million = Generic Scorecard
‘EME’ Means An Exempted Micro Enterprise
‘QSE’ Means A Qualifying Small Enterprise
‘Generic’ Means An Entity With An Annual Turnover Of More Than R50 Million
Should You Require A B-BBEE QSE Or Generic Certificate On The DTIC Scorecard Please Contact Premier Verification By Either Completing Our Online Enquiry Form On Our Website Or By Calling Us On 010 591 0591.