16 May 2022
B-BBEE Thresholds For The Marketing, Advertising And Communication Research (MAC) Scorecard
The MAC Sector Charter Has Various Thresholds To Determine If A Company Will Be Verified As An EME, QSE Or Generic Enterprise. These Thresholds Are Measured By The Annual Revenue Of The Company.
A Company Falls Onto A Sector Charter If More Than 60% Of Their Revenue Is Derived From That Sector.
MAC Is Split Into 3 Sub-Sectors Being; Public Relations, Advertising And Marketing, Advertising And Communication Research. Each Of These Sub-Sectors Have Different Thresholds Which Are Shown In The Table Below.
MAC Sector Charter Sub-SectorsEME QSE GENERIC 
Public Relations <R 5m R5m – R10m >R10m 
Advertising  <R 10m R10m – R50m >R50m 
Marketing, Advertising and Communication Research <R 10m R10m – R50m >R50m 
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